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10 Days / 9 Nights

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Albanian, English

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16-20 Pax € 744,00 € 804,00 € 984,00
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  • Guided tour
  • Visits
  • Free time
  • Transport
  • 10 breakfasts
  • Avg 18
  • Hotels 4* (6 nights)
  • Extra tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Extra
  • Degustating
  • 2xOvernight in Tirana
  • 1xOvernight in Shkodra
  • 1xOvernight in Berat
  • 1xOvernight in Vlora
  • 1xOvernight in Saranda
  • 1xOvernight in Gjirokastra
  • 1xOvernight in Voskopoja
  • 1xOvernight in Elbasan


Pick up from the Tirana International Airport and
driving to the hotel.
After accommodation, free time.
Optional visiting the National Historical Museum.
19 00 Dinner at the restaurant.
Must try them:Egg and cheese pie, baked snipe
with peas, ‘hashure’ wheat and nuts dessert,
fruits, Stela beer.
Overnight in Tirana.

08: 00 After breakfast to the hotel driving to Shkodra,
in the North-West of Albania.
10:00 Arriving in Shkodra and visiting the castle and
the Marubi Phototheke.
12: 30 Driving to Malesi e Madhe.
13.30 Arriving and visiting a artisanal cheese diary.
Knowing the process of fermenting the cheese.
Tasting the different sort of cheese. Only in this region
we can taste spicy cheese called ‘Mishanika’ blended with herbs, garlic,prunes, etc.
Also the yougurt from the goat milk is lovely.
14:30 Lunch with the tradition dishes.
Must try them:Season salad, ‘Kacamak’, polenta dish, ‘Ferlik’ roasted sheep meat,
‘Fli’ multi-layed foglio pie filled with butter
and milk, and thana raki, tradition sweet
and season fruits, baked chestnuts and
dried plums. Finish with a Turkish coffee.
15:30 A short tracking to the village.
16:00 Driving back to Shkodra.
17:00 Visiting the lake and the fish
18:00 Free time .
19:30 Dinner at the restaurant dressed
salad, cabbage soup, Shkodra baked ‘Carp’ fish with sauce, onions and herbs, sweet
with caramelized quince and dates fruits, white wine of local cantine and finishing
with an Italian expresso and cognac liquor.
21:00 Accomodation in Shkodra.

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Berat.
Short stops in the trajectory.
11:00 Visting the castle and the Onufri museum.
12:30 Lunch at the restaurant .
Must try them:Cheese and olive salad, filled
paprika with rice, leeks pie, kukureci made red
Finishing with fernet, nuts-made digestive drink.
14:00 Visiting the Ethnografical Museum and the
Lead Mosque.
16:00 Driving to Kutalli.
16:30 Visiting the ‘Cobo’ wine cantine.
Degustating the different sort of wines and spirits,
walking in the grapeyard.
17:30 Driving back to Berat.
18:00 Accomodation in the hotel.
20:00 Dinner at the restaurant.
Must try them:Spinach and lemon soup, fried-eggs cauliflower, river ale dippened
in apple vinegar and tomato sauce, ‘shendetli’ almond baked cake, home made white
wine, iced-pomegranate juice, dried apples and pear –made digestive liquor.
21:30 Accomodation in Berat.

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Apollonia.
09:30 Visiting the Apollonia site.
11:00 Driving to Zvernec.
12:00 Visiting the monasteries.
13:30 Lunch at the isle.
Must try them:Peasant salad, nettles pie,
vegetable soup, grilled mullet, oven baked bass,
‘kabuni’ cake, orange and medlar fruits, Norga
beer. Finishing with rose tea.
15:00 Driving to Vlora.
15:30 Accomodation in the hotel.
17:00 Visiting the Independence Museum and
the Kus-Baba hill.
18:30 Driving to Kanina hill.
19:00 Dinner.
Must try them:Grilled vegetables, peasant bread, marinated olives, mix of young
goat meat in broach, ‘Narta’ red wine, lemon-compote, thana fruits, finishing with
grape cider.
20:30 Driving back to Vlora.
21:00 Accomodation in Vlora.

07:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 Driving to the Riviera.
08:30 A coffee break to Llogara pass.
09:00 Driving down to Borsh.
10 00 Visiting the Ali Pashe Tepelen
castle in Porto Palermo.
11:00 Driving to Borsh.
11:30 Visiting the ‘Borshi’ olive oil
Degustating the olive oil, the home
made wine. .
12;30 Driving to Saranda.
13:00 Lunch.
Must try them:Filled cheese in oven,
‘harapash’ dish, baked common
cuttlefish and squid fish with orange
juice, apple pie, pompelmous fruit, white
wine, finishing with a thana drink.
14:30 Accomodation in the hotel.
16:30 Driving to Butrint.
17:00 Visiting the Butrint amphitheater.
18:30 Driving to the mussels aquafarm.
19:00 Visiting the process of breeding the mussels.
19:30 Dinner.
Must try them:Mushroom soup, oven-baked mussels, grilled octopus, pita bread,
cake, apple, white wine , finishing with orange liquor.
21:00 Driving back to the hotel.
21:30 Accomodation in Saranda.

07:00 Breakfast in the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Blue Eye spring.
08:30 Visiting the spring.
09:15 Driving to Gjirokastra.
10:15 Visiting the ‘Skenduli’ and ‘Ismail
Kadare’ houses,
12:30 Visiting the castle.
13:30 Lunch in the restaurant.
Must try them: ‘Qehai’ regional pie. ‘Qifqi’
spicy meat balls, marinated lamb ribbons,
cheesecake, dessert, quince fruit, mulberry
raki drink, finishing with Turkish coffee.
15:00 Accomodation in the hotel.
18:30 Visiting the anti-atomic bunker, a communist era underground fortification.
19:30 Dinner at the restaurant.
Must try them:Chicken soup, grilled river trout fish, home made white wine,
‘kompekai’ dessert, fruits, finishing with plum raki drink.
21:00 Accomodation in Gjirokastra.

07;00 Breakfast in the hotel.
08:00 Driving to Permet.
A short break at Kelcyra gorge.
10:00 Visiting a cheese diary.
11:00 Visiting a wine and raki cantine and
degustating the drinks.
12:30 Lunch in the restaurant.
Must try them:Pumpkin soup, veal chop with
dried tomatoes and rosmary, different
vegetable compotes, red wine, finishing with
juniper raki drink.
14:00 Driving to Voskopoja.
18:00 Accomodation in the hotel.
19:00 Dinner in the restaurant.
Must try them:Beans pie, different vegetables
pickles, partridge poultry filled with nuts, Korca beer, blueberry forest fruits, finishing
with kocimare raki.
20:30 Accomodation in the Voskopoja.

07:00 Breakfast in the hotel. Two-laid cabbage foglio pie, soup beans with ham.
08:00 Driving to Korca.
09:30 Visiting the ‘Bratko’ museum and the
‘Vangjush Mio’ painting house.
12:00 Driving to Lin.
13:30 Visiting the village.
14:00 Lunch in the restaurant.
Must try them:Okra dish, oven potatoes,
grilled alcoran with spinach and celery, dessert,
fruits, white wine, finishing with brandy.
15:30 Driving to Elbasan.
17;30 Accomodation in the hotel.
19:00 Dinner in the restaurant.
Must try them:Rissotto, ‘Tave kosi’ dish with oven lamb meat, red wine,
‘Ballokume’ dessert, fruits, finishing with Muscat raki .
21:30 Accomodation in the Elbasan.

07:00 Breakfast in the hotel.
09:00 Driving to Lezha.
12:00 Visiting the ‘Mrizi i Zanave’ agro-tourism
12 30 Lunch in the restaurant with only slow-food
farm products, tasting the ‘Kallmet’ wine.
14 00 Driving to Tirana.
16 00 Accomodation in the hotel.
17 00 Optional a panoramic tour of the Tirana
19 00 Dinner in the restaurant.
Must try them: Filled eggplant, kefta with wine
and tomato sauce, chicken porridge, Tirana beer,
dessert, fruits, finishing with digestive drink.
21 00 Accomodation in Tirana.

07 00 Breakfast in the hotel.
Tirana ‘fergese’ dish with veal livers.
08 00 Driving to the airport.
08 30 See-off greetings. End of tour.



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